What is Moqop?

Learn more about how Moqop can help you.
  • About product

    Moqop generates visual content based on various data inputs, currently focusing on Strava activities with a plan to cover other services and integrations, but also include AI in the design process.

  • Use-cases

    Currently, we perfectly cover Strava to Instagram content creation that keeps the feed consistent.

  • Design export
    • · Instagram Story in 9:16 ration format
    • · Instagram Post in 1:1 ratio format
  • Team

    One-man show project developed by Milan Gladis– Full Stack Product Designer and Trail runner 🏃 with a +15 years of experience in building web products.

  • Open Startup

    We embrace transparency and openness by sharing our metrics with everyone. Check out our current metrics on the Open Startup page

  • Technology

    The product is built on Node.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and uses technologies like Google Firebase, Passport, OAuth, Strava API etc.

  • Support

    Feel free to send any issue, feedback, or feature request to support@moqop.com

  • Help

    I would appreciate any kind of your help. It can be testing, feedback or feature request. If you want to contribute on the project, feel free to get in touch 👉 support@moqop.com